Harbin Clinic

Harbin Clinic is Georgia’s largest physician-owned multi-specialty group with approximately 200 providers in 20 offices. Harbin Clinic includes family practice/primary care and specialty physicians. Specialty facilities include the Southeastern Cardiovascular/Heart Institute, Cancer Center, Vein Center and many others. For a complete list of Harbin Clinic medical services, please visit their website.

If you are completing a student rotation with Harbin Clinic you must complete the process below:

1. Complete the online Georgia Statewide AHEC Network Student Support Form

2. Print and sign the Harbin Clinic Confidentiality Statement (Download PDF). Email to Mandy Hunter (mhunter@blueridgeahec.org) or fax to 706-378-3113.

3. If you are a NON physician student: Contact Samantha Roberson, Risk Management Coordinator, PRIOR to your rotation start date.

Call or email Samantha at 706-235-1072 or samantha.roberson@harbinclinic.com. Schedule to attend the 1/2 day Harbin Clinic Orientation. These sessions are offered bi-monthly. You may attend on the first day of your clinical rotation or start your rotation and attend later in the rotation.  Your preceptor is aware of this requirement and expects you to attend.

The orientation content contains information vital to a successful professional career and is something most employers require every year.  No texting is allowed during this orientation, and you are expected to have cells phones turned off or at least set to vibrate quietly. The educational content of these sessions will give you the most current regulatory, legal, ethical, and professional requirements in our national health care system.

Physician students (MD/DO) are excluded from this requirement.

4. AHEC staff may ask for additional credentialing documents such as immunization records and letter of good standing depending on your school’s agreement with Harbin Clinic. BRAHEC staff will forward your confidentiality statement and other documents as required to Ms King.  If you have any questions please email mhunter@blueridgeahec.org, or call 706-235-0776 ext. 206.

5. Important: If you are training with a Pediatric Preceptor and will be rounding at the hospital, you must also credential with Floyd Medical Center.

6. Important: If you are training with a preceptor who rounds or performs surgery or procedures in Rome hospitals, you must also credential with Redmond Regional Medical Center and Floyd Medical Center.

Credentialing processes are required at most health care facilities – for every student clinical rotation and every year for employees. We recommend that you keep a credentialing folder at home for quick access.