Our Blue Ridge AHEC Preceptor Coordination Department develops partnerships between colleges, universities and health care practitioners to provide exceptional community based clinical training experiences in “real world” settings. Join our Preceptor / Clinical Educator team! We will connect you to schools of your choice and orient you to the rewarding role of clinical educator/mentor.

Blue Ridge AHEC support

Blue Ridge AHEC provides support to preceptors with the following services:

  • Preceptor Development Programs (PDP) in collaboration with schools of medicine (CMEs available)
  • Continuing Education Programs in collaboration with local, regional and state organizations and events
  • Networking resources for individuals in isolated areas
  • Access to specialized library, learning resources, professional publications, and academic centers
  • Computer and Internet training
  • Medical information search assistance
  • Web Page links for activities and programs, resource materials, health care information, partner organizations, job opportunities and other helpful information.


For more information please contact:

Mandy Hunter

Phone: 706-235-0776 Ext. 206