AHEC Graduates

Congratulations on your graduation, we are very proud of you and know you have a bright future ahead!

Where are you working?

We hope to hear back from all our AHEC Clinical Training Graduates. Please stay in touch and let us know where you are now employed. Our goal  to increase health care providers is met when we learn where you are working! Please contact Mandy Hunter: mhunter@blueridgeahec.org.

Would you like to become a preceptor?

If you would like to become a preceptor, please let us know. We will connect you with the school(s) of your choice, answer any questions and help you get started. Teaching in the clinical setting can be a very rewarding experience and offers “real world” training in community settings. Please contact Mandy Hunter: mhunter@blueridgeahec.org.

Tell us about your success

Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center (AHEC) enjoyed providing you support in some way during your clinical rotations in our northwest Georgia region, such as, student housing, a small travel reimbursement, helping you and the college program set up your clinical training in this area or the OVID password. As a grant-funded agency, it is important for us to track the success of these efforts by knowing where you are employed or completing your residency and offering further assistance as needed. Please take a few moments to fill out this form.

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    Other information

    Blue Ridge AHEC is here to serve health care professionals following graduation by connecting you with job opportunities and sponsoring continuing education programs as well. Share your needs and ideas with us.

    Send me information about educational webcasts, including some for CE/CME credits

    After you are in practice, please consider being a Preceptor to provide excellent training to students, as others provided you during you training. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any way we might assist you. Thank you for your time and assistance.

    Best Wishes for the future! Keep us updated on you success and achievements.


    Mandy Hunter, Preceptor Coordinator,

    706-235-0776, ext 206 Fax: 706-378-3113