Housing Rules & Tips

What to Bring

Each house is fully furnished.  Students must supply their own linens (twin size), pillows, towels and personal items including personal hygiene, toilet paper, food, and laundry detergent. Basic kitchen utensils and dishes are supplied.  Meals are not provided.  Wi-fi is provided, and codes are located in the hotel style welcome notebooks.  A television/DVD player is located in the living room of each cottage or apartment.  Cell phones must be used for long distance calls.  Kitchens and bathrooms will be shared by the other student(s) in the house/apartment.  Only same gender students will be in each bedroom, unless a married couple is completing a rotation together.


You will receive after hours instructions for picking up your key.

Maintenance Problems

During regular office hours, please contact the Blue Ridge AHEC office staff and allow us to contact the maintenance persons.  After hours emergency, staff contact information is located on each refrigerator.


Call 9-1-1 for fire, police and ambulance.  Please use the phone book for information for any other non-emergency assistance.


Students are required to keep apartments clean during residence and upon departure.  Please clean up after yourself in the bathrooms and kitchen areas.  A housekeeper comes monthly for heavy cleaning only.  Please be careful of spills.  If an apartment is left in an unsatisfactory manner, a cleaning/replacement fee will be charged.  Please do not take any items that belong to the apartments.  Theft will result in a fine.  When you leave each day and at the end of your stay, please turn off all lights and put the air conditioner on “power save”.


Students are responsible for removing trash regularly from their rooms, bathrooms and kitchens and for taking the outside trash cans to the curb.


Please help us keep costs down by turning off all but the nightlights and leaving thermostats on “power save” mode when you are away.

Restrictions and Regulations

No smoking is allowed in any AHEC apartment.  No pets or family members/friends are allowed to stay over night.  The apartments are drug-free environments.  Your signature on the Statewide AHEC Student Housing Agreement ensures your acknowledgement and agreement to these restrictions.

Please use common courtesy.  Do not have loud conversations or music in the house/apartment or in the parking lot.  Do not inconvenience your roommates.  Be friendly and considerate of your housemates and neighbors.  Negative complaints from the neighbors could result in our future inability to provide student housing.

Important! To reserve a room:

To reserve a room with Blue Ridge AHEC, you must be a student in good standing with your school and on a school approved clinical rotation assignment.  Please complete the two forms below, then email the housing agreement to Mandy Hunter at mhunter@blueridgeahec.org (or fax to 706-378-3113).  The student support form will be submitted electronically.