Travel Support

Blue Ridge AHEC offers travel support to advance practice health profession students who are completing clinical training rotations in northwest Georgia.  You are eligible for travel support if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • you are completing a rotation in the Blue Ridge AHEC region (20 counties in northwest Georgia)
  • your clinical training rotation site is at least 25 miles from where you are staying
  • you are not utilizing AHEC housing during the rotation

Rotations must be a minimum of 8 training days to be eligible for travel support.  For clinical rotations lasting 20 training days or more, you may apply for a travel stipend of $50 per completed rotation.  For clinical rotations lasting less than 20 training days, the travel stipend will be $25 per completed rotation.  Students are eligible to receive a maximum of two (2) travel support stipends from each Georgia AHEC center during an academic year (July 1-June 30).

Please email our Student Support & Data Coordinator, Beth Byars, at or you may reach her at (706) 235-0776 ext. 205, to request travel support.  You must complete the Statewide AHEC Support Form for each rotation and email it to her.