Internship Application

Communication and Outreach Coordinator Internship

Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center, a health- and education-based nonprofit in Rome, Georgia, is looking for a Communication and Outreach Coordinator to join our team!

The Communication and Outreach Coordinator will work closely with the Health Careers Coordinator to brainstorm and create attractive marketing materials, develop a social media communication plan, and help in the recruitment of college students for the new, national AHEC Scholars Program.

This internship will earn the Communication and Outreach Coordinator an end-of-service stipend. This would be a perfect summer internship for a local college student looking to develop his or her portfolio, develop real world working skills, network with local professionals, and give back to the Northwest Georgia community.

The qualified candidate:

  • Is pursuing, or has recently graduated with, a bachelor’s degree
  • Exhibits excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Has a history of being a self-starter
  • Works well in a team setting

About Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center (AHEC):

Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center ( connects students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health in Northwest Georgia. As a well-respected part of the nonprofit community in Northwest Georgia, Blue Ridge AHEC partners with local colleges and universities to ensure students receive valuable information about health careers.

With the nation-wide AHEC Scholars Program, the Blue Ridge AHEC staff is working to ensure that college students are better prepared for life after graduation. The Communication and Outreach Coordinator will be a valued and important part of our team as we kick off the inaugural cohort of AHEC Scholars students!

To apply visit: