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Chest tubes can be placed in regular trash.

Your workspace may be evaluated for ergonomic safety by notifying Employee Health at extension 4968.

Standard precautions means that all blood or body fluids are treated as if potentially infectious by wearing appropriate PPE when dealing with them.

All employees have a choice during influenza season to either get the influenza vaccine or wear a mask in designated areas while at work.

If using soap and water for hand hygiene, hands should be lathered for 15-20 seconds, rinsed under running, and dried. A Joint commission surveyor might ask what is the song that you sing to yourself when washing hands, at Redmond we use the Happy Birthday song (repeated twice).

Hand hygiene is required upon entry to patient room and upon exiting patient room.

A gown is not required for contact precautions.

MDRO’s is an abbreviation for multidrug resistant organisms.

Patient’s with C difficile are placed on contact precautions.

Always activate safety devices immediately after using a sharp. Never remove safety devices. Keep your hands behind the needle at all times.

Which of the following statements is true?

When transporting a patient that is on contact precautions, the transporter should perform hand hygiene, don gown and glove upon entry to room, assist patient on stretcher or into wheelchair, transporter should remove gown and gloves, and perform hand hygiene prior to leaving room. When transporter gets to destination, transporter should perform hand hygiene, don gown and gloves and then assist patient.

The proper process for reporting an injury is to:

When you have an illness that may be contagious to others, you must:

Redmond Associates are required to complete Annual N95 respirator mask fit testing and/or TB symptom questionnaire during their month of hire if:

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